made simple

Easily make drinks at home, with the ingredients you have.

How it works?

Step 1

Select your alcohol & ingredients

  • Based on most common ingredients
  • While at home or grocery shopping
  • Interface in light/dark mode

Step 2

Choose from a list of matched drinks

  • Ordered by matching percentage
  • More than 90 recipes
  • Search by alcohol, ingredient, or drink

Step 3

Follow the super simple instructions

  • Short and straight to the point instructions
  • Simple measurement units; shots, tablespoons, or teaspoon

All drink recipes

Latest updates


January, 2022

Create an account with Facebook

As quickly as one-click while logged in to Facebook in your device browser

Share drinks with friends on social media

Easily share a drink with a friend on most common social media platforms

Fix performance issues and improve loading speed

Multiple issues identified with the latest framework used were addressed

October, 2021

Create an account gmail or manually

To enjoy special features for account holders only

Save drinks to your collections

Keep a collection of your favorite drinks for easy acccess later

Dark mode

Switch to the skin of your preference, dark or light mode

May, 2021

Select your alcohol & Ingredients

List of most popular ingredients and alcohol to select from

Ordered list of drinks, by matching alcohol or ingredients

Drinks indicate the alcohol and the ingredients that you are missing

Accessible design for any screen size

Responsive design which adjusts depending on where you see it
Downloadable web application (PWA)

Feature temporarily unavailable, reverted Oct. 21'

Download drinko to your phone without taking up any space
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