How to make a
Long Island Iced Tea

Build into glass filled with ice. Stir gently.

  • Alcohols

  • Tequila

    13 shot

  • Vodka

    13 shot

  • Rum (White)

    13 shot

  • Triple Sec

    13 shot

  • Gin

    13 shot

  • Ingredients

  • Avatar for Lemon


    12 shot

  • Avatar for Syrup


    23 shot

  • Avatar for Ice


  • Garnish

  • Lemon twist

  • Glass

  • Highball

  • Frequenly Asked Questions

    • 1.5 fl oz = Standard shot glass = 3 tablespoons

    Typically made of thick glass with a strong base to prevent shattering, should a drinker feel the need to slam their shot on the bar after a drink.

    A small amount, also known as a splash, or about a full dropper. In our portions, five dashes are equal to one teaspoon.

    Shaking produces a higher dilution, recommended when the recipe includes fruit juices, simple syrup, cream liqueurs, sour mix, egg, or dairy. Stir when less dilution is desired and ingredients include only spirits, tonics, or bitters.

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